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Like the other models in the series, WIKING Luma 3 and WIKING Luma 4 have been developed with large combustion chambers, to meet the large heating needs at home in the lounge room. The models come with solid cast-iron bases and cast-iron doors, uniting simplicity and reliable design. They also have a practical storage area under the combustion chamber.

WIKING Luma 3 has wide side windows, so the attractive flames can be viewed from the sides as well. WIKING Luma 4 comes standard with smooth steel sides, but is also available with tiles, sandstone or natural stone cladding as a decorative and exclusive cladding for the stove.
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Tekniske specifikationer

Teknisk data
Energy Label - WIKING® Automatic™
Operating range 4-9 kW
Nominal output 7 kW
Net efficiency 81 %
Flue outlet Ø 150 mm
Combustion chamber width 36,5 cm
Chimney draught, min 12 Pa
Connection from floor to topoutlet 104,5 cm
Distance to combustible material
Rear/side 12,5/60cm
Distance from furniture, front 105 cm
If placed in corner, 45º 31,5 cm
Weight 120 kg